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High-quality modular houses, cottages & saunas

Modern, environmentally friendly and high quality modular houses produced in Estonia


If you want a house, a cottage or a sauna, we are ready to help you. We offer high quality, environmentally friendly and modern solutions that are manufactured in Estonia, using as much as possible ecological friendly materials produced in Estonia. Our goal is to come up with you and offer high quality, custom-made structures. The building will reach you compactly and the installation will take only a few hours for you to set up. Our buildings are being built in a dry, enclosed roof to ensure the best result in construction. To ensure the best result for the client, we use high quality building materials for the manufacture. All buildings are designed according to construction standards and meet construction requirements established by the Republic of Estonia.

Modular houses

Our modular cottage is a modern and high-quality building built in Estonian nature-friendly materials, with standard solutions ranging from 40m2 to 120m2. The building meets all construction requirements established in the Republic of Estonia.

Large windows provide a bright and pleasant atmosphere. On the side of the building, it is possible to have a terrace connected to the living or sleeping area, where you can enjoy sunny days.

Oval saunas

A stylish and nature-friendly oval boat with a size of 6.6m2. The sauna meets all construction requirements established in the Republic of Estonia. The unique oval design of the sauna creates a special interior and boosts leakage in the sauna room.

The HUUM sauna chamber, which is remotely controlled via Android and iOS smartphones, is at the heart of the sauna room. The unique shape of the heater will keep the warmer, and each thrown out thrower will always give you the perfect shot. Plates in the sauna room are arranged in such a way that the visitor in each sauna gets the maximum sauna livelihood. There are benches and a table in the front room of the sauna, where the hinge is pulled between the piercings.

Rider house

The rider’s holiday home is a small cosy house, which we offer in two different sizes – 7.3m2 floor area + 2.9m2 terrace, 8.1m2 + 2.8m2 and 12.7m2 + 3.9m2. The building is ideal for summer homes, guesthouses and small offices. Two larger Rider Vacation home can also be equipped with a small kitchenette.

Floating house & Houseboat

houseboat (different from boathouse, which is a shed for storing boats) is a boat that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a home. Some houseboats are not motorized, because they are usually moored, kept stationary at a fixed point and often tethered to land to provide utilities.

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