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PVC halls

We produce according to your needs


We manufacture steel frame with PVC pallet, which can be used in our climate throughout the year.

The hills are windy and snowy. We use high quality PVC coatings that are not flammable.

The frame is bolted with weather-coated steel, which makes it very durable.

We hold the corresponding certificate and prepare the projects.

The customer can order gray as per your request. You can also choose the location and size of the door. Various lifting doors are available (with and without wicket, electric control). The width of the hall is 10-48 m and the length is 4 meters in step according to the customer’s wishes. The resistance to the gray is for decades. The hall is good for extending the production area (factory, warehouse, etc.). The PVC hall is easy to install and can be mounted directly to asphalt. With PVC gray you’ll also save on electricity bills because the gray roof is 75% light-emitting material and therefore does not require much use during the day and easy to maintain.

Metallic hall

We produce steel structures that can be covered with a wooden lining, a sheet or a sandwich panel.



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